Have You Noticed These Points In The Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink?

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Have You Noticed These Points In The Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink?

Posted By stainlesskb112 afa     August 25, 2018    


Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink are used in our lives and are an indispensable companion for our kitchen. However, there are always some unsatisfactory reasons for the installation. There is a layer of floating rust and mold on the sink that makes people look uncomfortable. The endless sink leaks, which brings inconvenience to our lives. The following small series will teach you some details so that we can live happily.

1. Usually the stain on the surface of the sink is the weld debris and cement left, so the installation of the sink should be the final step in the decoration. Installing the sink is actually very simple. When you buy a sink, the merchant also installs the package, or installing a professional master is not difficult.

2. Do not store water in the water tank during installation. The water in the water pipe should be drained. If there is water in the tank during installation, it will cause the tank to rust and leak.

3. The installation of the sink should be reserved in advance. The size and size of the selected sink should be the same as the sink hole. Seal the interface when installing the faucet, pay attention to the seal, and there is no gap to prevent water leakage. Install the faucet and inlet pipe before installing the sink. In addition, one end of the inlet pipe on the faucet is connected to the water inlet switch.

4. The degree of sealing of the overflow hole and the filter blue will affect the use of the sink in the future. Therefore, the degree of sealing of the overflow hole and the filter blue is very important. After the installation is complete, it is necessary to check the sealing of the overflow hole and the filter basket.

5. After the installation is complete, clean the sink and test the water. Fill the sink with water and carefully inspect the faucet, water and overflow to see if there is any water leaks. If water seepage is found, please rework immediately. After the test water was normal and no water leakage was found, the sides of the water tank were sealed with silicone. The seal is also to ensure that the tank does not leak, so the gap between the tank and the table should be uniform.