the thief who did stealings RuneScape gold

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the thief who did stealings RuneScape gold

Posted By Rsking dom     July 26, 2019    


Its exceptionally hinted that the thief who did stealings RuneScape gold or even all the kidnappings is a vampyre. Its been hinted multiple occasions and even the wife of Ned hinted it might be. The description is and wings, we understand pure vampyres can cross the salve. So its also possible it might even be Vanescula along with her fate in the sixth age after the events of R.o.B.. It has power to produce an whole room remove all light in a minute, as Vanstrom has revealed to be capable of during a boss fight and go pitch black.

So I just had some thoughts. Guthix was a god of balance who did not take bad or good stances, so the World Guardian is free to do whatever they like. He's given us the power wield divine energy such as the Stone of Jas briefly and to resist the gods. And based on Seren at The Light Within,"For good or ill, you're that the World Guardian now. To some that makes you a beacon of hope, and to others a threat to destroy." Could this mean we're free to become critters as well?Which decisions could the World Guardian make which may turn them into an evil nutter?

For making those choices, even if the conclusions might appear noble or good at first glance and what motives could they have? Maybe every decision they make is meticulously designed to cause utter distress and unleash terror unto the universe, whether or not in a dystopian order in the place where they principle, wrecking anarchy from the most civilised locations, or merely killing and sabotaging anything and anyone (this involves Zaros and Seren) who's even the slightest want to save the universe in the Great Revision.Please don't hesitate to post your thoughts on conclusions and motives that may make buy RS gold the participant the actual villain of RuneScape!