Albion Online will be Free-2-Play

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Albion Online will be Free-2-Play

Posted By ann talor     July 26, 2019    


Sandbox Interactive announced that the Sandbox MMO, called Albion Online, will be converted to Free 2 Play mode on April 10. Therefore, before you have to buy a game, everyone can play free games without restrictions.

Also, the new Oberon extension brings a wide range of new features that are now available to adventurers. These include hidden entrances and random dungeons - two new systems that bring more depth, challenge and spontaneity to the Albion Online Silver world. In an open world where input is ubiquitous, each input leads to a dungeon generated by the program.

Not only does this provide a unique gaming experience for every new dungeon, but players can also find rare bosses with valuable loot. Also, there is a new dungeon map to show the path to other unreachable entrances. New monsters and creatures, as well as new shrines, make the battles in the dungeon more dynamic and challenging. The box has been visually modified and can now fully represent the value of its content.

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The modified in-game tutorials can be more effective and better introduce the game to newcomers. Besides, progress has been optimized when the weapon is unlocked. Game quality improvements based on community recommendations have completed new extensions.