People on the Path of Exile want visitors to stop slamming blizzards

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People on the Path of Exile want visitors to stop slamming blizzards

Posted By moon smith     July 26, 2019    



However, Zein received contact from the "People using the Diablo Forum" to purchase a website. “I received his email using an 'I might'' response,” but obviously, case a trick. Soon after, Zein received an e-mail from Blizzard lawyers who was simply told that he had infringed on their copyrights and implemented a cybersquatting website, which included other people's trademarks in an attempt to profit from it. It seems that by selling the website to this unknown buyer, Zein proved his intention to cash in on Diablo's trademark.

"They motivated to remove the redirect and attempted to get my website to Blizzard," Zein wrote about exile, explaining the problem. "Because they can not see why I keep my POE Currency of your website except for business purposes."

However, Zein never imagined about fighting top line of Blizzard's war first - he certainly didn't need to be a martyr. “Before the announcement of Diablo’s immortality, I developed a long time on the site,” he was quoted saying. “Why are available random people for the Internet writing articles saying that I am in 'protesting' Diablo’s immortality or that I am a fan of anger? I don’t even play Diablo.”

“I became a growing number of unsafe and worried that Blizzard would sue me because all the replies asserted I had finished,” he was quoted saying. "He is extremely friendly in my experience and tells me that I have nothing to worry about. I am very grateful. That's why I do not like how many people tried to call Blizzard's lawyer and my guy inside my thread reply. I treated it very calmly, so I was without any hostility towards him and Blizzard."

But for those who just want more good reasons to hate Blizzard, this is very important - even with Zein has updated his post several times, he begged readers to halt attacking Blizzard and his awesome lawyer. "Guys, stop attacking Blizzard," he wrote in the update. "This could be the standard Buy POE Currency program. [Grinding Gear Games] has got the [Path of Exile] website, they may be Blizzard's direct competitor to Diablo. The lawyer clarified that Blizzard did find this joke is also very interesting, they also need this Reduce injuries. This is not their fault."

However, this doesn't have much effect to quell many angry fans, who believe it is another mistake of Blizzard. For Zein, everything seems to become fine now. He is still uncertain about the final fate of playdiablo4 website, but Blizzard may eventually own it.

"I argue with Blizzard's direction toward Watchman and Diablo," Zelin said. "But I don't possess malicious feelings about them, and I don't want people to look at them like some villains, because they want to take this meme. For me, at least, it's perfectly discovered why it has been canceled. "