Elevator Supplier Recommend Regular Maintenance of the Elevator

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Elevator Supplier Recommend Regular Maintenance of the Elevator

Posted By elevators fuji     August 27, 2018    


Fuji is a professional Elevator Supplier, we recommend that you regularly maintain your elevator.

First, the regular maintenance of the elevator. The regular maintenance and routine maintenance work of the elevator should be carried out by professionals. According to the different inspection and maintenance interval dates and the contents of the maintenance project, the maintenance work is often divided into three types: weekly inspection, quarterly inspection and annual inspection.

Weekly inspection: The main mechanism and equipment of the elevator should be inspected once every seven days, check the reliability and correctness of the operation, and carry out the necessary dust removal, cleaning, lubrication and adjustment work. Quarterly inspection: After the elevator has been in operation for three months, it should carry out detailed inspection, adjustment and correction of its mechanical and electrical devices. Annual inspection: When the elevator runs for one year, a comprehensive technical inspection should be carried out to ensure the safety of the elevator.

Second, the main institutions and equipment for regular maintenance. The main mechanisms and equipment for regular maintenance of the elevator are: traction motor; electromagnetic brake; traction reducer; traction sheave and guide wheel; speed limiter, safety gear and its auxiliary device; control panel; three-phase bridge type selenium rectifier; Traction wire rope and rope head combination; guide rail and guide shoe; end station deceleration, limit switch and limit switch; control box and summon button; landing door, car door interlock and door electric lock switch; automatic switch door machine; buffer Device. Third, the safety requirements for electricity use during elevator inspection and repair.

When the elevator is inspecting and repairing, it must use a safe voltage of 36 volts or less. To this end, the elevator engine room, the pit of the shaft, and the car roof should be equipped with low-voltage power sockets for maintenance. The metal casing of all electrical equipment of the elevator should have good grounding: electrical equipment, cabinets, screens, boxes, boxes, slots, pipes should be provided with easy-to-identify grounding; the color of the grounding wire is yellow-green two-color insulated wire; The wire and ground wire should always be separated. When the elevator is regularly inspected and tested, the elevator car should not carry passengers or load the goods. At the same time, it should be suspended in the door, the control box of the car, the control room of the machine room, etc. Start warning signs such as.