\"Functional Fabrics\" lights up life

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"Functional Fabrics" lights up life

Posted By bea mattressfabric     August 28, 2018    


With the improvement of people's own protection awareness, the market demand for Functional Fabrics is growing. Although functional fabrics are nearly twice as expensive as regular fabrics, sales have grown steadily in recent years.

Functional fabrics are not in the category, but to be fine and fine, and to make a real contribution to the society. Rongli has been researching for a few functional fabrics for many years. Now the technology is quite mature, and the most proud of them are flame retardant fabrics and waterproof fabrics.

According to reports, flame retardant fabrics are currently widely used in the production of fire, electric welding, steel mill overalls, and its protective features are well received. The waterproof fabric is not inferior, mainly used for chef clothes, children's clothing, cold winter, the chef will not be frozen because of the wet clothes at work, the child will not catch a cold because of the wet clothes.

The clothes made with our company's fabrics can protect firefighters from harm when they save people in the fire, and can protect children's healthy growth. This is my greatest pride and the greatest value of fabrics.

The development and production of functional fabrics light up life and bring a lot of help and effect to people's daily life.

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