The next expansion of the Path of Exile will expire in September

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The next expansion of the Path of Exile will expire in September

Posted By smrt smith     August 6, 2019    



Following the 3.7.0 - or Legion - update of the path of exile, it appears that the developer Grinding Gear Games has turned its care about the next expansion in the free RPG. In the update with the game site, the studio posted some news In what it is focusing on - as well as the upcoming 3.8.0 update.

In this post, the studio said The plans to announce a new path of exile on August 20th. This indicates the broad scope of the release is a different challenge alliance I don't know where to buy the cheapest POE Currency, please visit the MMOAH website. (its name will not be in the list, but must be) "plus" Various improvements on the old master content (like sharing Sulphite and betrayal status among all characters inside the league)

This update can even add "some system changes we have not yet happy to imply (this would improve some areas on the community's voice feedback (non-transactions)) and also all common new projects, prototypes, gems, etc. You expect from the path of exile expansion."

While more information should appear in the event the studio officially announces the August expansion players can get a good balance between adjustments, improvements and exciting new content within the game. If you are looking for a cheap and safe game provider who wants to Buy POE Currency, the MMOAH website is your best choice. Judging out of this short breakdown doesn't just look like 3.8.0 is going To be as huge as the Legion, it introduces new challenge alliances, melee combat overhauls plus much more.

However, it must add some clever items to enter ahead of the expected 4.0-megabyte expansion arrives. It'll use Diablo 4. We are at 11 The Month of Exile Con needs to be more about this.

The 3.8.0 update is tentatively scheduled for September 6, however, Remember, any dates may change even as we get a much better release, however, the situation looks good up to now. It makes sense because Wilson Has stated before he won't run his studio in the tight situation, meaning some game improvements require some time to complete.