Sandwich fabric is windproof, waterproof and warm

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Sandwich fabric is windproof, waterproof and warm

Posted By bea mattressfabric     August 30, 2018    


Sandwich Fabrics are rich in color, good match, sporty, flexible, and relatively perfect to solve the problem of breathable and windproof, waterproof, warmth and other issues are loved by people, but what is the sandwich fabric?

The sandwich fabric is a synthetic fabric woven from a warp knitting machine. The sandwich fabric consists of three faces: upper, middle and lower. The surface is usually meshed; the middle layer is the MOLO yarn connecting the surface and the bottom surface; the bottom surface is usually a densely woven flat surface, commonly known as a "sandwich".

The so-called sandwich fabric is just a general term for this type of composite structural fabric. The products developed by each company may differ in the specific materials and processes, so the function of the fabric will be different. The mesh surface of the fabric is mostly polymer synthetic fiber yarn, which is elastic, resistant to abrasion, tearing, smooth and comfortable. If it is a high-grade fabric that has been treated with anti-mildew and antibacterial treatment, it has the function of inhibiting the growth of bacteria. The most practical function for the user is that it is easy to clean and dry, machine washable, dry cleanable, or hand washable. It should be said that it is a very good choice of shoes and fabrics.

There are many factors affecting the warmth of sandwich fabrics, mainly summarizing the thickness, bulkiness and static air content. Generally speaking, the more static air contained in the fabric, the better the warmth. Therefore, we have deliberately adopted this sandwich air layer mode when developing fabrics, because its special structure contains more static air to make the fabric warm. It has good insulation properties and heat insulation in the case of ensuring gas permeability.

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