Grinding Gear Game ExileCon Qualifying Event

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Grinding Gear Game ExileCon Qualifying Event

Posted By smrt smith     August 9, 2019    



Last weekend, Grinding Gear Games hosted the third ExileCon qualifier, and players became the first to kill Atziri. Congratulations to the winners of this event! We look forward to seeing you at the ExileCon finale in New Zealand!

The fourth and final qualifier of the ExileCon game finale. On August 17th at 2pm (Pacific Time), a VIP ExileCon package will be held for the Grand Prix. This means that the winner will fly to New Zealand, be invited to a VIP dinner, pay for accommodation and Path of Exile Currency conference tickets, and participate in the other three finalists in the ExileCon competition final.

Players will participate in the standard independent self-discovery environment and become the fifth person to kill Kitava. There will be a death penalty - if you die, you will not be able to move for 60 seconds. The reason for this increase is because we want to create a feeling of a hardcore event (death can basically eliminate you for the first place), and if they are unfortunate in the last game, they will not take risks, accidentally Eliminate most finalists. 60 seconds is a big penalty, so be as careful as possible to avoid death!

The event will be open for four hours, but may be awarded first place within two hours.

The event is open to all events that you want to Buy POE Currency attend and are held in a separate event alliance so that there is no limit to the number of participants. When available, you will be able to join the event under the role selection screen.


First place

VIP ExileCon tickets (participation and VIP dinner).
Flights to New Zealand.
General accommodation for the weekend.
Enter the final game of the ExileCon competition.

In addition, the first five killing hours will receive micro-transaction packs.