A high manganese steel hammer head is briefly introduced

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A high manganese steel hammer head is briefly introduced

Posted By wearresistant William     August 13, 2019    


High manganese steel castings is one of the main products of Shenyang Gongda.

High manganese steel is a carbon steel with manganese content over 1%. High manganese steel is a typical wear-resistant steel, and its as-cast structure is austenite plus carbide. After water quenching treatment at about 1000°C, the structure is transformed into single austenite or austenite with a small amount of carbide, but the toughness is improved. Therefore, it is called water toughening treatment.

The most important feature of high manganese steel casting is that under strong impact and extrusion conditions, the surface layer rapidly undergoes work hardening, which enables it to maintain the good toughness and plasticity of austenite in the heart while the hardened layer has good wear resistance. This is beyond other materials.

Therefore, the hammerhead made of high manganese steel has obvious performance and long service life. It has high commercial application value.

Shenyang Gongda Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. It is a famous manufacturer and supplier of high-quality metal castings, specializing in the production, processing and processing of wear-resistant castings, alloy steel castings and copper-aluminum alloy castings. It is used in key industries such as mining, milling, earthwork, building materials, power stations and so on, with an annual production capacity of about 10,000 tons.

Products are mainly concentrated in high chromium white cast iron castings, nickel hard castings, high manganese steel castings, high alloy steel castings, various grades of copper and aluminum alloy castings, gray cast iron castings and ductile cast iron castings, as well as heavy castings capable of producing 10 tons of steel castings and 20 tons of iron castings in one piece.

Gongda has cooperation with many domestic and foreign enterprises. If you are looking for a reliable casting manufacturer, please contact us: https://www.wearresistantcasting.com/