How Escalator Manufacturer design Elevator Systems

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How Escalator Manufacturer design Elevator Systems

Posted By elevators fuji     August 31, 2018    


Elevators are already an indispensable vehicle in modern society, and more and more buildings are equipped with elevators. So which systems are the elevators composed of? Which systems have Escalator Manufacturer designed for elevators? You must be curious about the two questions above, and the Elevator Manufacturer Fuji takes you to know.

The elevator is mainly composed of the following systems:

Traction system: The traction system is mainly composed of traction machine, traction rope, guide wheel and pulley. Its main function is to output and transmit power, which can make the elevator run.

Guide system: The main function of the steering system is to limit the freedom of movement of the car and the counterweight so that the car and the counterweight can only move along the guide rail. The guiding system is mainly composed of a guide rail, a guide shoe and a rail frame.

Car: A car is a container for an elevator. It is mainly used to carry goods and people. It consists of a frame and a body.

Door system: This system is mainly used to seal the elevator. The sealing of the elevator is extremely important when the elevator is running.

Weight Balance System: This system consists primarily of counterweights and weight compensation devices. Its main function is the relatively balanced car weight, which can make the weight difference between the car and the heavy-duty car stay at the limit of the elevator work, ensuring the normal traction drive lift.

Electric drive system: The function of the electric drive system is to provide elevators with elevator speed for passenger elevator control. The electric drive system consists of a traction motor, a power supply system, a speed feedback device, and a motor speed control device.

Electrical Control System: This system is mainly used to operate and control the normal operation of the elevator. It is mainly composed of a control device, a position display device, a control panel, a leveling device, and a separator.

Safety protection system: The composition of the protection system is complex. It has hardware protection, such as speed limiter, safety clamp and buffer. There is also protection on the code design. This system is mainly used to protect people's safety.

The above system is a system designed by the elevator manufacturer after considering various situations. For Fuji elevators, the safety of elevators is always the first factor we consider. Fuji designed a lot of safety devices for the elevators, which are enough to ensure the safety of passengers. In addition to the above systems, for installed elevators, the equipment room should be equipped with the necessary fire-fighting equipment.