Double knit jacquard,look for your favorite pattern

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Double knit jacquard,look for your favorite pattern

Posted By bea mattressfabric     September 2, 2018    


Double Knit Jacquard interlocks the two layers of knitting together, while, at the same time, forming a two tone jacquard or fair isle type design.

It results in a single ‘fabric’ --not a two sided tube. That is, the 2 sides of the knitting are, if not completely, at least frequently, interlocked and can’t be pulled apart.

The two interlocked layer of fabric, make it durable and warm. The interlocking design resist 'run's when fabric is worn through--an asset for mittens or other gear that might be get worn out in active outdoor sports or work.

Because of its warm and durability, its is excellent for socks and mittens and other outwear. With hats and scarves, the two-sided design makes them 100% reversible. For the same reason, it is excellent for afghans--and potholders!

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