Become part of WoW: Learn to communicate with other players
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Become part of WoW: Learn to communicate with other players

Posted By Hélodie Jaqucline     August 27, 2019    


Social activities have always been an important part of MMOs, especially for the representatives - World of Warcraft. Over the years, World of Warcraft has been committed to making those who are unwilling to communicate with other players more outgoing and active. For example, in the game, new raids that require teamwork are constantly being added, so that players who can achieve good synergy with friends can get better rewards. In addition, the “Find Teams” tool has been introduced to make it easier for players to join other people's teams and meet more new friends. Although each player can basically complete all the tasks of World of Warcraft on their own, it is always better to complete the goal with friends, not only to make the process easier, but also to make it full of happiness. If you are not interested in community activities and group activities, you will lose a lot.

There are many opportunities for you to meet new people in the game. The easiest way is to actively interact with other players in the universal chat channel in the game. Saying hello to strangers is a very good start. Don't worry about being rejected. You won't lose anything and you won't feel frustrated. You can also communicate with other like-minded friends in a community outside the game. If you want to buy cheap WoW Classic Gold or WoW Classic Boosting services, you can visit the official website of, they will provide players with the best quality gaming experience. Subreddit of World of Warcraft is a very interesting place that is worth repeating. They have a great list of Discor servers you can join for specific classes or interests related to WoW, as well as an official Discor server.

After the 8.0 version update, World of Warcraft also introduced a new feature called "Community", which is independent of the guild system. Players with different interests can build various groups through the system to meet like-minded players. The official forum of the game has a dedicated area for players to promote their community, where you can find the communities you are interested in and join them.

In addition to the above, there is one of the oldest ways to make friends: join a guild. This method may require you to spend a lot of time, because a large guild contains a variety of different players, it is difficult to find the right friends from so many people to take risks with you, but it is still worth a try. Even if you can't meet new people, a good guild can help you a lot.

Before you officially join a guild, it is best to talk to the members and understand the spirit and culture of the guild. Do they focus on PvP combat or team raids? Are there hundreds of active members or only a few? Can members spend most of their time freely or participate in group activities?

If you join a guild and find that it is not for you, don't worry, you just need to find your name in the member list and right-click with it, and choose Leave in the pop-up menu. Don't worry and hesitate to leave a guild that is not suitable for you will not have any serious consequences.

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