About LPG Regulator Installation Instructions

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About LPG Regulator Installation Instructions

Posted By lineng nneg     July 14, 2021    


Now that more and more people install LPG Regulator in cars, what should we pay attention to when installing LPG Regulator?

When installing the LPG regulator, you need to be cautious and formal. The specific installation requirements are as follows: Before installing the LPG Regulator, the pipeline needs to be pressure tested and purged to ensure the tightness and cleanliness of the pipeline. The LPG Regulator should be installed horizontally and vertically on the pipeline. When installing, pay attention to make the flow direction of the medium in the pipeline consistent with the direction of the arrow shown on the valve body. Control ball valves should be installed on both sides of the LPG Regulator, and bypass pipes should be installed for maintenance. Pressure gauges should be installed on the high and low-pressure pipes of the LPG Regulator to facilitate adjustment, and the pressure changes before and after the valve can be observed during operation. A safety relief valve is installed on the pipeline to ensure the reliability and safety of the LPG Regulator operation.

Of course, other areas need our attention. No matter how to install it, we need to pay attention to our safety. The same is true for installing LPG CNG Injector . Safety is the first.