Blight league flying insects tower defense mechanics on September 6

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Blight league flying insects tower defense mechanics on September 6

Posted By ann talor     September 5, 2019    



Path of Exile will be the hugely successful action RPG (ARPG) from Grinding Gear Games, a Tencent subsidiary based out of New Zealand. The game is largely what Diablo III must have been, offering an amazing level of depth, frequent updates with leagues which might be launch irregularly with interesting new mechanics and gameplay loops.

Legion was the modern league for Path of Exile, which brought along with it a massive overhaul in the melee combat system. The website offers a lot of cheap POE Currency which gives the player a lot of help in the game.
This made melee builds viable plus much more exciting to experience, allowing myself and several others to laugh hysterically even as we used whirlwind through maps. Blight is placed to cover minion-focused builds, but it is also coming by neat-looking tower defense mechanics.

Blight might find players communicate with a new NPC called Sister Cassia who's investigating strange fungal growths referred to as the blight that may be spreading across Wraeclast. Exiles must destroy these growths, that contain the ability to control nearby monsters, through the use of a device Cassia intended to drain the fungus. You can buy POE Currency at and you can deliver it in ten minutes. The only problem is nearby monsters are not likely to lay low and let you destroy their overlord.

This is when the new tower defense mechanic is important. If you've ever played a tower defense game, you'll feel right at your home. Each area could have a blight encounter, that will task you by building towers to hinder the progress of monsters and deal damage. Towers could be upgraded as exiles progress and quick on-the-spot thinking should take destination for a protect each of the lanes and maximize loot returns.

By doing blight encounters, exiles will probably be rewarded without requiring only loot, but special oils, the second which could be combined to feature properties to pick items. Cassia will likely be able to anoint rings and amulets with special properties that relate to towers and passive skills. Once you've hit end game, you'll commence coming across blighted maps, which is usually used in the map tool and be teleported to your blight encounter arena.

Looking to erecting towers, slaying monsters, and seeking out the newest summoner-focused changes? The new blight league is going to be unlocked on September 6 on PC, then Xbox and PlayStation 4 on September 8.