10 Best Online Child Development Learning Program For Kids

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10 Best Online Child Development Learning Program For Kids

Posted By Yomindz Classes     July 14, 2021    


It has become common for school children to sit in front of laptops every day and complete math and science lessons, thanks to the pandemic's widespread adoption of online learning resources.

Currently, the market is flooded with all kinds of educational apps and websites that claim to improve a child's ability to learn. Choosing the best online classes for children becomes a difficult task when you have many options but are unsure of which ones to choose.

Moreover, educators and parents alike continue to prioritize the promotion of social-emotional learning (SEL). Fortunately, there is an ever-increasing number of websites and apps available that provide valuable resources.

Here are some of the best Online learning program for kids

YoMindz™ - India’s first emotional learning program for kids

Emotional well-being is considered to be one of the most essential. Requirements of modern life. It helps to build a connection between the mind and the body. Throughout our lives, we all strive to achieve a sense of balance. It is even more critical for children to understand the importance of this connection because the connection between the mind and the body can have consequences in both positive and negative directions.

In that case, this can be beneficial in developing a healthy Emotional Quotient. And this is the first step in introducing social-emotional learning: helping them understand, express, and make decisions based on their own emotions and experiences.

In the wake of extensive research and study of various sub-modalities, YoMindz – India's First Digital ‘New Code Emotional Intelligence Program, has developed a unique three-level program for children ranging in age from 8 to 17. The program has been designed with the issues and concerns of different age groups in mind, from both the child's and the parent's perspectives and the child’s needs. Everyone who participates in this program will earn the title of Emo–Warrior™ after the course. It will be a true warrior who will have complete command and control over their brains, emotions, and social abilities.


Unacademy is a learning application developed in India. The app is intended primarily for students in higher education and for those preparing for exams. Students can, however, take advantage of interactive and free/paid classes as well. According to the company, students in the 6th grade and up can use Unacademy to access online lectures and course materials.

It is an excellent resource for students who want to gain a thorough understanding of various subjects. It provides a perfect foundation for those who wish to compete in competitive examinations in the future.


Coursera is a worldwide online learning platform created by the computer science faculty offering massive Open Online Courses, specializations, degrees, professional, and master-track courses. Each course is taught by world-class university and company instructors to learn new things anytime, anywhere. Hundreds of free courses offer access to on-demand video, homework, and community forums. Pay courses include additional contests and projects as well as a Certificate of Shared Course upon completion.


GoStrengths! an online resilience and well-being course. GoStrengths! is set up to give you quick and easy access to our classes through the internet. Goal-setting, problem-solving, resilience, positive thinking, character strength development, emotional intelligence, self-confidence, and social skills are among the eight research-based abilities students learn through the GoStrengths! Program. In the curriculum, each skill is supported by a Go Tool! — a super-charged tool that serves as a mnemonic to help students understand and apply each topic.


For the individuals who need to propel their profession by working on their Emotional Intelligence, joining these classes will be an extraordinary choice. These courses are ideal for all expertise levels. By going to them, you can build your passionate remainder, yet you can likewise foster relational abilities. The teachers will give you a few methods and systems that will assist you with extraordinarily dealing with your feelings. You will likewise find out about self—mindfulness, instructing, social abilities, neuro-etymological programming, life training, and parts more during the classes.

Khan Academy for Children

Khan Academy Kids is an eLearning platform for kids who want to improve their fundamental skills. It's a complete early learning resource that allows children to easily immerse themselves in learning through songs, films, books, and games. Khan Academy Kids is a massive database of arithmetic, social-emotional development, creative expression, and English language arts exercises for children.

YouTube for Children

YouTube Kids is one of the greatest free online learning platforms for pre-schoolers to tweens, with fascinating instructional content. This eLearning website offers a selection of educational films, TV shows, music, and user-generated content. Parents can sign up for a YouTube Red subscription so that their children can watch videos without adverts while they are offline.

Educational Games from Mental UP

Mental UP Educational Games is one of the most trusted eLearning platforms for educational and scientific games. This online learning tool was created to help youngsters aged four to thirteen with their cognitive development.


EdCraft utilizes an entire kid way to join the scholastic instructing to improve psychological abilities and a sound spotlight on socio-passionate abilities. EdCraft's exercises have all been done by specialists in the system and the best alumni of the main worldwide colleges. The trouble increments as the understudy progress through the course from amateur to rivalry level. The exercises additionally consider the diverse preparing levels of the understudies just as their inclinations and abilities.

Kangaroo Kids for Balanced Learning and Development

Kangaroo Kids is a progressive online class with years of early childhood education experience. Their program is designed to assist young children in acquiring fundamental literacy and numeracy abilities and emotional intelligence, social and physical development. Kangaroo Kids' mission is to provide a safe, secure, and well-structured learning environment. Children can develop in a fun and exciting way while exploring their curiosities and learning at their speed. Their unique curriculum encourages children to learn in a fun setting while giving parents peace of mind.

To sum up,

However, online classes for youngsters referenced have created an impact on many students. On the off chance that you are a parent, you can go through these stages and pick the best online learning for your kid. It is significant to foster a taking-in propensity since the beginning. This load of steps will be sure, tackle your child's questions in a good way, and make learning intelligent and more straightforward than any time in recent memory.