Path of Exile details update

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Path of Exile details update

Posted By Cadence alida     September 5, 2019    


In the new version of Path of Exile: Blight, you will need to adopt a completely new way to play the game. Developers have added the elements of the tower defense to the new version of the game mode. According to the official up to date notice, the new version will be Will join a new npc-Cassia, Sister Cassia will stop the spread of blight by destroying the fungus, and when attacked, Blight will orders infect monsters to defend it. The monster will follow Blight's tendrils and attack the enemy only on their path. Infected people are very tough, so you need to discover their weaknesses and attack the monsters' weaknesses by building a defensive tower, and when you succeed, you will get the rewards you deserve. Of course, you can also choose to buy POE Currency at, Make your gaming experience more comfortable.

Sister Cassia's arsenal contains cold, shock, coma, burns, summons, empowerment, petrified and debilitated towers. You need according to different monsters, choose and place upgrades to these towers to deal with, you can use a variety of The terrain and the weaknesses of the monsters, play your talents to defeat these monsters. You also need to clean up some remote places, where there are often hidden special rewards that are in 10 channels and are very attractive.

In this version blight will produce an oil, Cassia can use them to smear your jewels, mix the two oils together, enchant a ring with a powerful tower modifier, combined with three oils Use any of the significant passive skills in the skill tree to enchant your amulet. The rarity of the twelve oils varies widely, and each combination of oils produces different results. The four unique items unique to the Blight Alliance form a set of suits that can also be painted using famous passive devices. Combined with the anointed amulet, the wearer of this set can simultaneously have up to five active, noteworthy passives, releasing countless new construction possibilities. POECurrency provides you with this information, focusing on POE, POE Orbs, professional.