What is the Classification of Food Machine Equipment?

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What is the Classification of Food Machine Equipment?

Posted By Gold Eagle     July 15, 2021    


The food processing process involves the processing or preservation of raw materials, intermediate products, and finished products; involving pretreatment, separation, recombination of intermediates and packaging of the final product; involving different kinds of semi-finished products and finished anti-corrosion sterilization treatment. There are many kinds of raw materials and products in Food machine , and there are differences in the nature of object processing and processing. The requirements for processing products are different. There are seasonal regional characteristics of certain varieties; all kinds of such, determine the type of food machinery and equipment should be extremely extremely. Therefore, either from the angle of equipment selection in food processing applications or from the angles of equipment manufacturing and new model development. The systematic classification of a wide variety of food machine is very important.

my country has not yet developed standards for mechanical food grading. Different departments often have different job-based classification methods. At present, it is mainly classified in two ways: First, according to the classification of raw materials, types of products, the second is based on the operation function of the equipment.

According to raw materials or production products, food machinery can be divided into numerous production line equipment. For example, sugar machinery, soy product processing equipment, baked food machinery, dairy machinery, fruit and vegetable processing and preservation machinery, canned food machinery, sweet food machinery, beer brewing machinery, beverage machinery, convenient food machinery, seasoning and food additive machinery, water Product processing machinery, grain and oil processing machinery, kitchen machinery (tobacco machinery is sometimes included in food processing machinery ).

According to the function of the mechanical equipment, it is actually classified according to the operation function of the device unit. Food machinery can be divided into screening and cleaning machinery, spraying and cutting machinery, mixing machinery, sorting and classification machinery, molding machinery, multiphase separation machinery, stirring machinery, homogeneous machinery, cooking fryer, evaporative concentration machine, drying machinery, baking machinery, freezing and refrigeration machinery, extrusion of inflated machinery, measuring machinery, filling and packaging machinery, transportation machinery, pumps, heat exchange equipment and containers, etc.

From the perspective of research, design and manufacturing, the above two classification methods have some guiding importance in the production and development of food processing machinery and equipment. Sorting with raw materials or products can be studied by internal contacts of various operating machines involved in various types of food processing. Promotion of the development of the support line. As a classification basis, it is conducive to comparative research on the production efficiency and mechanical structure of various unit operations, so that it can be fully developed into locally advanced technology.

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