The Role Of Paddy Cleaner
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The Role Of Paddy Cleaner

Posted By gong liang     September 5, 2018    


Paddy Cleaner(LIANGGONG) are substances that separate unwanted or foreign matter, and leave clean rice for storage and processing.

Depending on the production management, harvesting, threshing and handling methods used, the field processed paddy may contain various other crop and weed seeds, straw, chaff, panicle stems,as well as empty, immature and damaged grains. Sand, rocks, stones, dust, plastic bits and even metal and glass particles can contaminate the grain bulk due to careless handling after threshing of the paddy.The cleaning or separation process utilises the differences in aerodynamic and other physical properties of the paddy grain from the other materials.

In most developing countries where threshing is done manually, paddy is usually contaminated by a large percentage of foreign matter. Rough paddy cleaning is accomplished in the field right after the threshing operation. It consists of hand raking and sifting the bits of straw, chaff and other large and dense materials from small piles of paddy followed by hand winnowing against the breeze. In some places, a hand/pedal operated blower or an engine powered fan is used to remove the chaff, dust, weed seeds and other light materials from the paddy.

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