UK business is based sole representative and de facto!!

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UK business is based sole representative and de facto!!

Posted By visa migration     July 19, 2021    


Sole representative and de facto not well know? A sole representative is a senior-most person in a company who can travel to a different country as a representative of that country for business purposes. De facto relationship is such a relationship where two-person live as a partner but they are not married. In this article, you will get complete detail about UK sole representative visa and UK De facto visa.

Knowledge about sole representative?

Applying for a UK sole representative visa following criteria should be fulfilled.

  • An employee of any business in the UK should set up a branch or subsidiary of that particular company.
  • The company requires a senior most person to represent the company. The owner of the company can also take part.

Eligibility criteria

A sole representative visa requires certain eligibility criteria to be fulfilled which are mentioned below.

  • Active users should apply for visas. Always remember that real and authentic leads to profit.
  • The representative has been recruited by the parent company of the sole representative.
  • Have experience, idea, knowledge, skill of parent company and his own company.
  • Knowledge of English is a must. Sufficient funds for an independent life are also necessary.

Basic requirements for de facto visa

Want to apply for the UK de facto visa? You need to be qualified with certain facts.

  • A minimum two-year relationship is required without marriage. You can leave as a couple and should have documentary evidence which shows the same address.
  • That couple should be of the same family. You should intent that your partner will be willing to stay in the UK after applying for a visa also.
  • Proper English language knowledge is compulsory for applying for a visa.

What can be a common reason for the rejection of a visa?

There might be a common reason for the rejection of a visa which is mentioned below.

  • Submission of correct documents is not up to the mark. 
  • The application form filled by you is not correct and proper. You might have made any mistake while filling.
  • The document submitted is not in the correct format.
  • Some of the evidence might be missing and so it might be the reason.


Till now you might be aware of UK sole representative visa and UK Defacto visa. Follow the guidelines and get a clear idea about these two formats of applying for a visa in your further life. A clear decision will always give you the energy and stamina to explore business in the UK. Business requires Knowledge, partner, and proper establishment