When is ISO 22301 certification audit done
    • Last updated July 22, 2021
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When is ISO 22301 certification audit done

Posted By Aabira Zuhur     July 22, 2021    


There is no business without any risks or challenges. Every business faces disruptions which are sometimes unexpected. These disruptions can occur in any form either it may be a result of theft or due to natural disasters, disease outbreaks, etc. Predicting these challenges is impossible. But you can control and manage them by implementing the Business Continuity Management System in line with ISO 22301 standard.

In this article, we listed out the topics such as what is ISO 22301 business continuity management system, why is it important for your business, the benefits you get by implementing the ISO 22301, and also how to get to certified ISO 22301.

What is ISO 22301?

ISO 22301 is a globally recognized standard for Business Continuity Management System. This standard specifies requirements for organizations to control and manage the unexpected disruptions when they arise. This international standard helps to identify the potential risks and threats and gives guidance to respond to and recover from them. It provides effective guidelines to protect your business by building powerful backup systems and processes.

The unexpected disruptions can affect the quality and process efficiency of your business. This may reduce the confidence of the stakeholders in your business processes. Thus, by implementing the ISO 22301 you can continue to provide quality services to the customers/stakeholders. However, the ISO 22301 provides specifications for planning, implementing, monitoring, reviewing and as well as for continually improving your organization’s business continuity management system.

Objective of the business continuity management system

  • Business continuity management system helps organizations to prepare and take actions whenever the unexpected disruption occurs.
  • It ensures the continuity of your business process in the event of disruptions.
  • It helps your business to provide consistent services to the customers.

If you’re looking for more details about the ISO 22301:2012 Certification in Kuwait or wanting to achieve ISO 22301 Certification, feel free to contact us, IAS.