Daily Maintenance Methods of Metal Garden tool

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Daily Maintenance Methods of Metal Garden tool

Posted By zhangina gao     September 10, 2019    


Daily Maintenance Methods of Metal Garden tool:

1. safekeeping

At the end of the operation and when it is idle for a long time, it should be properly kept, cleaned and dried. The metal surface should be coated with antirust oil and put in an appropriate position. It is best to store it on a storage rack designed for different Garden Tools and flour to avoid multi-layer extrusion. Put it in a ventilated and dry place.

2. Protect the cutting edge

Special attention should be paid to the part of Garden tool with cutting edge. All oil should be soaked during storage. It is best to wrap it with wax paper to avoid inclined overlap and compression bending deformation. Special tools should be used for sharpening the cutting edge part to ensure the sharpening angle and prolong the service life.

3. Keep clean

Hand-made Garden tool should clean up the used tools after daily work, remove dirt and sundries, dry them, put them in a ventilated place, keep them dry, and avoid rusting.

4. Pay attention to rust prevention

Most of the working parts in Garden tool are made of metal materials, which are easy to rust. Once rusted, the light will affect the use, while the heavy will lose the use value, and it is not easy to remove after rusting. Therefore, special attention should be paid to antirust treatment during use.

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