How to Save Money While Traveling on Your Honeymoon
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    • Last updated July 30, 2021
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How to Save Money While Traveling on Your Honeymoon

Posted By Jenny Sean     July 30, 2021    


Whether it's ordering honeymoon packages or creating the ideal bespoke itinerary, we've got lots of tricks up our sleeves. Here are a few suggestions for saving money on your honeymoon.

Be flexible with your trip dates

Because you're getting married on June 10, you don't have to leave for your honeymoon on June 11. In truth, postponing the honeymoon in favour of a shorter long-weekend minimoon or minimoon is becoming increasingly fashionable (a.k.a. staying in your wedding locale for one night and then returning home). By being flexible with your dates, you can take advantage of cheaper seasonal rates. If you want to take a romantic stroll down Positano's cobblestone alleyways, go in September or early October, when the crowds are smaller and hotel accommodations are cheaper.

How to Maximize the Value of Your Credit Card Points

Signing up for the correct travel rewards credit card will help you earn points and a welcome bonus that you can use to pay for flights, hotels, and other miscellaneous expenses. If you use other reward cards that are based on points while travelling, you'll get added reward multipliers. Now that you've acquired your freebies, it's time to use them: Spend your points on flights or an upgrade in space category.

Visit the hotel's website for more information

Going straight to a hotel's website can seem counterintuitive with so many travel discount sites available. Some resorts, on the other hand, have a policy that the best deals can only be found on their website, so double-check those numbers before visiting anywhere else. You may also use deals sites  such as Askmeoffers to find bargains like Oyo discount offers to save a lot of money on your hotel reservation.

Make a direct phone contact to the hotel

It's the individuals who work on-site at the hotel, rather than at the corporate headquarters, who have the authority to give you a better price or, at the very least, aid you in picking the finest space (we prefer an ocean view on a high non-smoking level away from the elevator). Inquire if they can match a better deal you found at a nearby hotel. Yes, it's a long shot, but if you phone the proper manager and explain that a nearby hotel with low room prices is offering a bargain with breakfast or airport services, you might be able to acquire something similar.

Say you're on your honeymoon whenever you speak to them

Resorts aren't just for romance seekers: Catering to honeymooners is smart business since they are more likely to return because the resort will still have sentimental value for them. (Acceptedly, if you have a good time, you'll want to return for special events.) If there's anything they can do to get your company, let them know you'll be celebrating your wedding. They should remember your reservation if you mention it the first time, but just in case, say it again on subsequent calls.

Make use of a knowledgeable travel agent to plan your vacation

If researching flights and haggling with hoteliers isn't your thing, consider hiring a travel agent. Travel agents, after all, are specialists. As a result of their own ties and membership in perk programmes like Virtuoso, many agents are able to add breakfast, spa treatments, and other gifts to reservations for freshly married couples. If you plan to buy flights on your own, check rates to see when the best time is to book flights and fly to your selected destination. Make sure to look into travel insurance and coverage. You may also look for bargains on coupon websites such as CouponsABC. The more information you have, the more money you will be able to save.

Reducing the number of destinations is a good idea

You Pay a Visit You may save money on items like airport transfers, checked luggage fees, and porter tips by reducing the number of places you visit. Make a list of your responsibilities and prioritise them. You'll have to wait till your anniversary to do the rest.

Make the most of a package bargain

Honeymoon packages are created to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck. Once you've decided on your honeymoon destination(s), look into any hotel/flight deals to see if there's a package that meets your needs. However, don't book a honeymoon package just because; if neither of you plans to visit the spa frequently during your honeymoon, getting a hotel package that includes regular treatments is likely to be a waste of money. Calculate the cost of all the activities and special meals you wish to include in your honeymoon schedule, then compare it to other honeymoon packages to discover which one is best for you.

Don't eat at a restaurant every meal

Limit yourself to one sit-down meal per day at a restaurant if you're going on a longer honeymoon. Instead, go out for a lovely meal after making quick and inexpensive lunches at a local market or grocery shop, or the other way around. Even if an expensive restaurant you've been wanting to explore is open for lunch, take advantage of it! It is often less expensive during the day than at night. You can try coupon code such as Dominos coupons, Zomato coupons to save money on food and beverages when you order them online.

Excessively Expensive Incidents Should Be Avoided

Snacks and food from a hotel shop can be exorbitantly priced, whereas tiny grocery stores or bodegas aren't geared toward tourists and are typically less expensive. Bring some granola bars with you if you're a snacker, or travel into town for some light snacks and any amenities you may have forgotten.

Incorporate a Mini Bar into Your Hotel Room

The cost of alcohol is famously high, especially in hotels. To avoid overspending on pre-dinner beverages or nightcaps, create your own mini-bar in your room. You can either carry your own booze or purchase it when you get in town or at a duty-free shop. It will also be less expensive than multiple room service or hotel bar cocktails if you don't finish the bottle before checking out.

Make use of public transportation

Although Ubers and private automobiles are certainly luxury and handy, choosing public transit in most honeymoon-worthy cities and destinations can save you a lot of money—especially if you're attempting to book an Uber during a price rise. Do your research and ask hotel/resort employees about safety, practises, rates, and other topics.