Alienware Gaming Mouse

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Alienware Gaming Mouse

Posted By Emily Harry     August 4, 2021    


Gaming mice are somehow different from the standard ones. They are considered as one of the smartest devices in the field of technology and for the best settings for apex legends. There are many technology companies that offer unique features in the gaming mouse. They try to attract gamers by launching new specializations. They are available in both wireless as well as wired mode. But the main feature is that they do perform best in any of the conditions. Having the Best graphics settings for apex legends is important similarly it is important to have good hardware and devices. It is totally dependent on the user that how he or she wants to play the game. Lag in apex legends is a problem that is faced by several gamers. Our team can help you if you are searching for help How to fix lag in apex legends.

Alienware Wireless Gaming Mouse AW610M:

It will keep the user connected. The mouse will not lose any performance no matter it is wired or not. It will give the high-performance with the polling rate of 1,000Hz, even when it is on charging. Users can easily control the battlefield and will wield greater precision while in the middle of combat with the custom. It has an adjustable scroll wheel that will allow the user to switch between 12 and 24 steps per scroll wheel revolution. It is a powerful way to victory and provides the best settings for apex legends. Users will play the game with confidence and will be thankful for the industry-leading power efficiency. With up to 350 hours of gameplay in a single charge of the lithium-ion battery. Gamer can keep the fight going for weeks on end. Users can Attack with deadly precision by moving swiftly and precisely with the latest generation custom Alienware native with 16,000 DPI sensors. Users can switch up the gameplay instantly with the seven buttons which are fully programmable. Users can stay one step ahead of their opponents with pre-loaded tension on the main clicker mechanism.


Alienware RGB Gaming Mouse AW510M:

Users can light it up with the flying colors on the battlefield with fully customizable with 16.8 million colors. It can be controlled with the Alienware command center. And it can handle the grind. Gamers can depend on the continuous gaming sessions on a robustly constructed mouse. User can feel it out the subtle use of materials. When it finishes, it allows the user to identify different areas by feel for more intuitive gaming. The Ten button layout installed in it is fully programmable. It has the Latest generation custom Alienware native 16,000 DPI sensor. This mouse consists of the custom adjustable scroll wheel with a wide toggle setting between 12 and 24 steps per scroll wheel revolution.

Alienware Wireless Gaming Mouse AW310M:

It has industry-leading power efficiency which provides 300 hours of gaming on a single AA Battery.  It consists of the fully programmable six-button layout via the Alienware command center. Also, the latest generation custom Alienware native 12,000 DPI sensor. For a controlled, crisp, tactile click feel, it has the pre-loaded tension on the main mouse buttons. The dimensions of the Gaming mouse are- Height: 1.93" (4.92cm), Width: 3.05" (7.76cm), Depth: 5.26" (13.37cm)

Alienware Advanced Gaming Mouse - AW558:

It is a gaming mouse with a 5000 DPI optical sensor. It features the AlienFX with RGB lighting. Also, it consists of 9 programmable buttons and an iconic Alienware design. It is so precise and perfect that the User can experience the fast response of lightings and sensitivity control with 5000 DPI. It has the feature of 1000 Hz (1ms) polling rate which allows the user to change their DPI settings in the heart of the action. It will never let the user miss the target. It is because of the premium optical sensor.

It is built to last. It is a device with high durability and comfortable and was specially designed to get the user through thousands of matches without causing any discomfort. This mouse has an extended grip which usually offers thumb support. It has high-capacity Omron switches which ensure reliable performance of up to 10 million clicks. The Other 9 programmable buttons create a customizable gaming experience. This Mouse will enhance the user's gaming experience with AlienFX 16.8M RGB Lightings & dynamic lighting effects. It will customize the mouse with the company control center it is as important as best graphics settings for apex legends. Also, it will increase gamer's gaming level by adjusting their specs which are tied directly to the in-game action. Users will experience innovative software, which is specifically designed to improve the user's gaming experience. It also fine-tunes the settings and solves problems along with managing time. This mouse will calibrate the user's controls and can view all the games in one place.

Alienware Dell Elite Gaming Mouse, AW958:

It is the gaming mouse with the 16.8M ALIENFX RGB lighting DPI indicator. It has the 5 on fly DPI Settings. The dimensions of the product are 12.98 x 9.88 x 3.91 cm: 193.23 Grams. Although, it is the model of 2018 but still in the demand and mostly recommended by Gamers. The whole item weight is 193 grams only. To run and use this mouse, the user required 2 AAA Batteries.

A good gaming mouse is important and a good investment for a gaming lover. It does give the best settings for apex legends. We have been providing support to our clients for years. We have a dedicated team who can help in How to fix lag in apex legends if you are having problems continuously or even you want to have the best graphics settings for apex legends.