Advantages Of Tungsten Carbide Hole Saws

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Advantages Of Tungsten Carbide Hole Saws

Posted By jeeja tools     August 12, 2021    


Tungsten carbide hole saws can cut wood, plastic, aluminum, steel, chemical fiberglass, drywall, fiberboard, plaster, ceramic tiles, and countertops without nails. Compared with the bimetal hole saw, it has a coarse pitch, which is suitable for high-speed cutting of soft materials, but not suitable for cutting pipe fittings. The standard cutting depth is 1-1/2. Need to configure the axis for operation. The Real McCoy® Bi-metal Hole Saw Kit includes various sizes of hole saws commonly used by Real McCoy® professionals, and is easy to carry.

Tungsten carbide hole saws can cut very hard materials, including hardened steel, cast iron, bricks, slag briquettes, ceramics, foam glass, chemical fiberglass, composite materials, computer room floors, cement, and ceramic tiles. The standard cutting depth is 1-1/2, and the shaft needs to be configured for operation. Flat drill, can cut wood, plastic, plywood, bakelite. High-speed and deep cutting can be performed at any angle.