What Did Paddy Cleaner A Versatile Machine Specially Develop To Do
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What Did Paddy Cleaner A Versatile Machine Specially Develop To Do

Posted By gong liang     September 7, 2018    


Paddy Cleaner(LIANGGONG) is a versatile machine specially developed to meet the requirement of raw and boiled rice mills. This is used for pre cleaning of paddy machine is compact in size and elegant in looking. A powerful blower is provided for aspiration. The lighter particles are separated. Immature paddy is collected and delivered with the help of screw conveyor a special rotary drum will separate the large size lumps, straw, and other oversize impurities and will feed the paddy uniformly to the scalping screen.

The scalping screen separates the coarse materials. The pre screen will separate the oversize material. All the material oversize than paddy is separated maximum extent. The fine screen separates the finer impurities. The screen can be selected as per grain size. All the screen frames can be easily removable and cleaned regularly. The screen frame is moving with the eccentric drive arrangement.

Paddy cleaner is a versatile machine developed for giving better degree of whiteness and gives better yield of head rice and lesser broken rice.

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