Sticky Sublimation Paper Has A Wide Range Of Applications

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Sticky Sublimation Paper Has A Wide Range Of Applications

Posted By run Hydrotech     August 12, 2021    


sublimation heat transfer paper is a method of printing patterns on goods of various materials, suitable for producing a small number of personalized and customized goods, and printing patterns containing full-color images or photos. Next, let’s understand what thermal transfer means and what equipment is needed for thermal transfer.

  1. Hot press transfer technology The hot press transfer technology first uses screen printing, gravure printing and other printing methods to print graphics and text on thermal transfer paper or plastic film, and then transfers the graphics and text to the On fabrics, leathers and other items. The heat transfer process can be referred to as heat transfer for short, which can be divided into the following categories:
  2. High-temperature heat transfer: mainly used for cotton and mixed-spun knitted garments. Such as T-shirts, pajamas, etc. The pattern has photos, and it is soft and elastic after ironing.
  3. Low temperature heat transfer: Mainly used for nylon cloth and PU artificial leather, such as stretch sportswear, swimwear, down jacket, sports shoes, leather gloves, etc. The pattern after heat transfer is the same as high temperature heat transfer. Used for stretch clothing, good elasticity.
  4. Flocking heat transfer: It has a wide range of applications, usually for women's and men's cotton foam, clothing trademarks, knitted children's clothing, etc., with three-dimensional patterns and multi-color matching, soft, elastic and strong adhesion after ironing.
  5. sticky sublimation paper penetration foaming heat transfer: mainly used for cotton, chemical fiber knitted sweaters, shirts, jeans, etc. The main feature is that it penetrates into the fabric, has good air permeability, has a strong three-dimensional feeling of the foamed part, and has a good raised texture. It has a soft hand feeling and strong adhesion after ironing.