Best Home Uses For Spray Bottles
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    • Last updated August 13, 2021
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Best Home Uses For Spray Bottles

Posted By Josh Thomason     August 13, 2021    


How many times have you used a spray bottle in your life? Chances are quite a bit. They're seen in a variety of situations, including home and commercial use. You've even likely seen a spray bottle when you've gone and got your haircut. They are everywhere and have a variety of purposes. However, it's likely that you haven't thought of all the uses you could be putting your spray bottle to work. Let's take a look at some of the popular options for spray bottles around the home. 

All-Natural Cleaners

One of the excellent uses for spray bottles is mixing up all-natural cleaners to use around your home. Did you know you can save quite a bit of money each year by mixing up your own concoctions at home? You likely have everything you need right now to make excellent cleansers. These include apple cider vinegar, vinegar, baking soda, and even lemon. All of these are natural cleaners and do an excellent job cleaning multiple surfaces. Simply mix together in a spray bottle, shake, and they're ready to use. Not only is it easy to make, but you have excellent storage space too.

Getting More Out Of High Concentration Cleaners

When you purchase a higher concentration of chemicals, you can often get more use out of them. It's also usually less expensive. Make your products last longer when you mix together water, higher concentration products in your spray bottle. Another great use is to mix bleach and water in a spray bottle and use it to clean areas to disinfect. This is much cheaper than purchasing products like Clorox bleach wipes that carry a premium. You can get the same effective cleaning from a mixture and a spray bottle as you could in a wipe. However, you'll need to remember to try the surface completely before using it. And, if you have a porous surface, remember that it may not be the best choice to use bleach on—test areas before cleaning the entire surface.


It might have crossed your mind that spray bottles can do more than spritz water or cleaners. They can actually be used for a variety of purposes, including help with cooking. Have you adopted an air fryer way of life? You can fill your clean spray bottle with oils like extra virgin olive oil. Then spritz the oil on your typical fried foods, but no longer fried thanks to the air fryer, and now you really have something. They acquire the taste and texture better than air frying alone. Consider thinking outside the box when it comes to spray bottles and their uses.