How many spider vein treatments are necessary?

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How many spider vein treatments are necessary?

Posted By jhonathan traut     August 13, 2021    


Although it is common to have nerve problems, it becomes very serious in many cases. The veins which are very unsightly like a web are known as spider veins. Spider veins can be gotten rid of through a simple and minimally invasive vein treatment.


Sclerotherapy is exclusively for the treatment of spider veins. It is designed to improve the appearance of hardened veins. Sclerotherapy is a rapid and effective outpatient treatment that can target problem veins. This procedure does not require surgery or incisions.



What are Spider Veins?


Spider veins are web-like spread over the legs, although they can occur on any part of the body. Spider veins are red, purple, or blue. It occurs when blood vessels fill with coagulated blood. They are similar in appearance to varicose veins but are smaller and usually asymptomatic. These veins can cause itching, burning, or stinging. In such a situation, consult a vein doctor near me li and seek spider vein treatment near Long island.

What is Sclerotherapy?


It is specially designed to treat varicose or spider veins. In this medical treatment, a needle is used by the vein specialist li to inject a solution into a vein. The injection causes a gradual rupture of the vein, allowing the hardened blood to be absorbed by the rest of the body. In this procedure, instead of removing the veins, they are broken.


Advantage of Sclerotherapy-


 Support stockings: You will need to wear a support stocking for a week after treatment. Wear them day and night for a few days, but after that, you have to wear them only during the day. This will speed up the effectiveness of the treatment and prevent blood clots.


Nonsurgical treatment: Many people avoid surgery for treatment; they adopt nonsurgical spider vein treatment Lindenhurst. Many people prefer sclerotherapy as an alternative to getting rid of unsightly veins because it is nonsurgical.


Veins won't come back: Once a spider vein is treated with sclerotherapy, it disappears, so the vein does not return. When the vein is reabsorbed, it is less likely to come back.


No downtime: there is no any downtime after this. After the treatment, you are advised to walk, as it helps in the treatment and you recover quickly.



What to expect after sclerotherapy?


After the healing process is over, the doctor will put a small protective bandage over the treated area. You may notice some minor bruising during the day after this treatment, but you will not experience any significant pain or discomfort. You can resume normal activities immediately after treatment with no recovery or downtime. If you experience any pain after the treatment, contact your doctor.


How many sclerotherapy sessions do I need?


The sessions of sclerotherapy depend on the size of the vein and the extent of the spread of the spider vein. Each patient is different so will respond differently to sclerotherapy treatment. Most sufferers take two to four spider vein treatment sessions to get near-perfect results. However, many people will see significant improvement in the weeks.


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