Can a Change Management Professional Help Lead Brainstorming?

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Can a Change Management Professional Help Lead Brainstorming?

Posted By Graham Wills     August 16, 2021    


A change management professional  is going to be one of the greatest assets that you can have when it is time to work on your own strategic planning. They can encourage everyone to speak and share their opinions during the meeting, helps to get some of the opinions out there, and even help set up the room so it has the right environment for everyone to get work done. One way that your meeting facilitator is able to help improve these meetings includes helping encourage brainstorming amongst the participants.

Most people think that facilitating a brainstorm session is an easy process, but it can still be really difficult to work with. People usually brainstorm to come up with a lot of ideas as solutions to a problem. As time goes on, the solutions will be limited down to just the ones that could be viable to the plan. Some of the ways that a meeting facilitator will be able to help during these brainstorming sessions include:

# Help the team members work together for a solution

# Prevents the issue of group think from showing up

# Can set a time limit on how long they are allowed to brainstorm on one topic

# Helps to identify the goals of the brainstorming session to keep everyone on the same page.

# Helps make sure that no one is going to judge during this time.

When things get off course with the brainstorming session, then the meeting facilitator will work to help bring it back. If one person is speaking the whole time and not sharing, then it is time to move it over to others. This helps to get new and unique ideas out of everyone in a timely manner.

You will also enjoy that the meeting facilitator is able to handle some conflict resolution as well. When you have many people and personalities that come together for a discussion, there will be times when a disagreement will occur. This is actually part of the process for the most effective decision making for your company. A facilitator is able to harness in the power of the conflict in a positive way to help lead the discussion on, rather than having this conflict lead the whole meeting to a halt.

Change management can be hard for everyone because change is not something most employees want to handle at all. Through brainstorming sessions and the help of the right change management professional, team members can handle conflicts and work through brainstorming to help handle any change that comes their way.