Choose Power Grass Trimmer

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Choose Power Grass Trimmer

Posted By tee ouu     August 17, 2021    


When it comes to handling grass and weeds in awkward places—for example, when bypassing obstacles such as trees and garden furniture, when negotiating on sloping or rugged terrain, or just trimming lawns that cannot be reached by a lawn mower At the edge-power grass trimmer or power grass trimmer is the tool most gardeners and gardeners use.

Advantages of cordless technology
Since its invention in the 1970s, lawn mowers have become a mature and almost indispensable component in many outdoor power tool kits, but until recently, advances in affordable battery technology have provided consumers with more and more viable options. Alternatives to gasoline or wired motors that have historically dominated the market. Although gasoline internal combustion engines have always provided the best combination of power, running time and freedom of movement, the functionality of today's battery-powered machines is an attractive option for many users.
Such cordless mowers are usually very compact and light
When we consider the main disadvantages of gasoline lawn mowers-weight, noise, exhaust gas, and the hassle of repeatedly buying, transporting, and safely storing highly flammable fuels-it is clear why battery power seems more user-friendly. In addition to providing wireless freedom to enter the most remote areas, these machines are low-maintenance and easy to operate-just charge the battery between uses and you can go anytime. They are also lighter and quieter than similar gasoline products, making them easier to wear on arms and ears.

Compared with a wired motor, the operation of a battery-powered lawnmower is very similar, but not having to tow the power cord is a huge benefit for many gardeners. Cutting the power cord gives you more freedom, almost eliminates setup time, and saves you from the frustration caused by the wire being stuck or tangled. More importantly, they are a safer alternative than long extension cords from the house to the outdoor environment.

So if you are buying a new cordless lawn mower on the market, or are considering switching to battery power, what should you look for?

Battery platform
Before you start deciding which cordless lawn mower to buy, it’s worth pointing out that you can buy a device that is compatible with the battery and charger you already have and save yourself some money in the process. For example, many people may not realize that they can buy a lawn mower as a bare machine and use it with the battery in the drill rig.

Battery chemistry
The current dominant battery is the lithium-ion (li-ion) battery, which has several advantages over older formats such as NIMH or NICAD. Lithium-ion batteries can be stored for longer periods of time without losing charge, and can be charged at any time without damaging the battery. In order to improve efficiency, many manufacturers have begun to combine lithium-ion battery power with brushless motors. Brushless motors generally provide a higher torque-to-weight ratio, less mechanical wear, and longer service life. Using lithium-ion machines from established manufacturers should provide the best long-term sustainability, because if you need them, you may still be able to find spare or replacement batteries further away.

Another important factor to consider is voltage. For anyone who has a preliminary understanding of electricity, the higher the voltage equals the greater the power, this will be quite obvious, and the voltage of modern trimmers is as high as 54v and 80v, which exceeds the voltage of most cordless industrial power tools. Not uncommon. However, it is worth weighing the compatibility of this with other tools you may already own or wish to purchase.

battery capacity
Although the voltage determines how much power your machine can provide, the battery itself provides the running time to complete your weight loss task, which can be measured by checking the provided Ah (Ampere Hour) rating. The higher the number, the longer the battery can be used before it needs to be charged. Professional gardeners may want to buy batteries with a higher amperage rating and keep some fully charged spare batteries on hand to ensure they can use them all day.

Cordless mower accessories
The supply of two or more batteries will enable you to complete larger jobs without interruption
Variants and accessories
In addition to factors specific to battery-powered trimmers, first-time buyers or inexperienced users may also need to pay attention to other considerations based on the work that needs to be done. If you may want to remove heavier leaves (such as thick clumps of weeds), it may be worth investing in a brush cutter. These are usually designed to be equipped with a line for mowing grass, or with heavy-duty brush cutter blades for more intensive cleaning work. The shape of the tool is also worth considering: some users find the curved design more comfortable to use, although the straight shaft provides better access when working under obstacles such as bushes or garden furniture. Similarly, if you are particularly tall or short, you may need to check the overall length of the machine or whether it has an adjustable shaft to ensure comfortable operation. Trimmers and brush cutters can throw stones and other debris from the work area, so you should always make sure you have some form of eye protection on hand before you start using the tool.

Of course, the telescopic pole saw is also a very good tool, which allows you to better trim the branches that are too long or too high.