Six Risk Factors For The Growth Of Varicose Or Spider Veins

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Six Risk Factors For The Growth Of Varicose Or Spider Veins

Posted By Joseph Decker     August 18, 2021    


Venous insufficiency has become a very common issue among people. It is a misconception that it belongs to only women. But it is not a gender-specific issue and can be found in both men and women. The root cause of suffering from vein problems is faulty blood flow through the veins which means the vein is not performing its function precisely i.e transportation of blood back to the heart. When the vein walls become damaged, this kind of problem arises resulting in blood pooling within the veins causing them to enlarge and stretch leading to varicose or spider veins. Visit vein centers if the faulty veins are generating pain discomfort in the legs.


Such kinds of venous issues can be avoided if you are aware of the risk factors for the development of such problematic veins. Consult a vein doctor near me if you are facing vein problems.




Some of the risk factors that are responsible for the growth of varicose or spider veins are discussed below:


The risk factors comprise:


  1. The age of the person-


It is one of the most common risk factors making people prone to venous insufficiency. Your age plays an important role in the development of varicose or spider veins as the older you are, the more prone you are to have veins problems. It is so because in older age the vein walls become weaker resulting in poor circulation. The risk may become more prompt if you are physically inactive for longer periods of time. Make an appointment with a vein specialist near me if the vein problem is uncontrollable.


2.Lack of exercise-


As mentioned earlier, being physically inactive may increase your risk of developing spider or varicose veins. When you are physically inactive, the blood circulation is not proper and may force the veins to exert more effort in pumping blood to your heart leading to a damaged vein wall. Call the vein doctor near me Jericho to know more about it.






  1. Obesity-


Lack of regular exercise, poor metabolisms, eating unhealthy foods and drinks may make you fat. This extra body weight may put additional weight pushing them harder. This reason will especially make you suffer from varicose or spider veins if not become careful.  Get varicose vein treatment if the abnormal veins start to bulge out from the skin of the legs.


  1. Hormonal Imbalance-


Variations in body hormones that mainly develop during pregnancy, puberty, and menopause also become the risk factors for vein conditions. That’s why women are considered more prone to have such kind of vein problems. Factors including Artificial hormone adjustment medication such as birth control pills and other medicines that contain estrogen and progesterone may enhance the risk of forming vein weakening and complications. Get vein treatment on the long island, if the vein problem is bothering you.




  1. During Pregnancy-


The state of pregnancy comprises the risk of weight gain and hormonal imbalance. Especially, during pregnancy, there is a huge amount of increment in the blood of a woman to fulfill the requirements of the mother and the baby breathing in the womb. This can make the veins’ size bigger. Moreover, the size of the uterus of a woman also increases when she is carrying a baby inside her womb, and the additional size or weight, blood can cause faulty vein walls leading to varicose veins in them.  However, exercising during pregnancy may decrease the risk of the growth of abnormal veins.


  1. Extensive exposure to the sun-


Being under the sun for a long duration may cause a person at risk for spider veins on the face, specifically the cheeks or nose. Get immediate consultation at vein center Jericho for vein treatment in such a condition.


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