Reasons for the popularity of cordless vacuum cleaners

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Reasons for the popularity of cordless vacuum cleaners

Posted By xinrongwei ningbo     August 19, 2021    


Cordless vacuum cleaners have received widespread attention since they were launched on the market. Compared with traditional vacuum cleaners, it's more mobile characteristics have made many people willingly put into its arms. Of course, there are other reasons, such as high appearance is the most representative factor. Today's cordless vacuum cleaners are naturally different from the products when they were first launched on the market. Whether it is battery life or additional functions, the speed of improvement is quite fast. The only tangled area is probably the brand choice and price issue.

The battery life problem is basically the "weakness" of all cordless vacuum cleaners, and it is also the most criticized place. Judging from the current market situation, many cordless vacuum cleaners have a battery life of about 45 minutes. Therefore, how to improve the endurance of the product so that it can work for a longer period of time is the direction that cordless vacuum cleaner manufacturers are studying.

In addition, the change of the digital motor used in the cordless vacuum cleaner is one of the highlights of this new product. Compared with the previous generation of the V8 digital motor, the volume and weight of the Dyson V10 digital motor have been reduced by almost half, and the speed has also increased by nearly 25%, reaching a speed of 125,000 rpm, which means this vacuum cleaner It can provide more powerful suction to achieve a better deep cleaning effect than ever before.

In addition, this motor can sense its own altitude, air pressure, temperature, and even calculate the weather, which means it can be finely adjusted to allow the vacuum cleaner to maintain the same cleaning ability in different environments. If you look closely, you will find that the overall design of this vacuum cleaner has also changed. Compared to the previous period, the cyclone group and dust collection tube were rotated 90 degrees. From the naked eye, the entire design—motor, dust collection tube, and cyclone group—showed a linear flow.

It is worth mentioning that the dust collector has been improved this time. The one-button push-down dust collector emptying design is more convenient in operation, and in the face of noise, it also adds a sound insulation board and airflow control in the motor. Improve to achieve acoustic noise reduction-but to be honest, although the noise generated by the machine is much smaller than before, in the field experience, the sound when the machine is turned to the maximum gear is not too small, but considering The largest design is for mattresses, sofas, etc., and the duration is not very long, so it is acceptable.

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