NBA 2K22: 5 Things We Want to See from the Current-Gen Version

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NBA 2K22: 5 Things We Want to See from the Current-Gen Version

Posted By rsvsr nba2k22mt     August 23, 2021    


The NBA 2K series has been at the top of the class for basketball gaming over the past several years, with MyCareer being the catalyst that skyrocketed the game’s popularity to new heights. There's still plenty of life left in NBA 2K21, but it's time to start fantasizing about what we want to see come September!

Improve Guards

The first thing we want to see is an improvement to the way the guards play within 2K.

And that's not just the AI we're talking about, we want to see significant changes to the skillset that the guards possess for when we, as players, are in control.

We're tired of seeing the same old dribble moves/step back combination in the Park or within MyTEAM. Guards should be capable of so much more, but there just isn't the scope to pick up any other moves currently.

Bring in a modified MyPlayer builder on current-gen NBA 2K22

A couple of seasons ago, 2K introduced a revamped MyPlayer builder in MyCareer. Most notably, they brought in the pie-chart system, which allowed players to create a wide range of builds with different skill sets.

All in all, it received decent feedback from the community, as players were able to get creative with their builds and dominate with different archetypes.

That said, after a few seasons, the novelty seems to have worn off a bit in 2K21’s current-gen release. In fact, advanced players have been using very similar “demigod” builds to dominate the park.

Furthermore, some argue that the pie-chart system is somewhat limited in giving players the ability to create something different from the recognized archetypes.

This only becomes more apparent when we compare the player builder system of the current-gen game to 2K21 next-gen. In the PS5 and XSX versions, there is much more freedom to create the type of player that you want: you’re able to apply the exact amount of attribute points to any skill or physical ability.

Although next-gen’s builder system isn’t perfect, it is a huge step in the right direction and creates more scope for diversity. With that in mind, modifying the player builder system and expanding it to give players more choice outside of the pie chart system might bring on more interesting builds into the current-gen community.

Perhaps this will add more unpredictability and encourage more creativity in the Neighborhood, instead of just seeing the same five-to-ten builds dominate over the lifespan of NBA 2K22.

An attribute rating system that rewards players for practicing

Currently, a player’s attribute rating heavily correlates to how much VC is spent on a skillset, along with the type of badges equipped. In a sense, it is not the most realistic system in place, as the attribute rating of players in the community may not reflect that player’s actual ability.

For example, a player can become an above-average shooter rather quickly by simply allocating most of their VC into their three-point shot early on in the game. Simply put, players that are willing to spend can buy their way into a high attribute rating right off the bat.

In some cases, their attribute rating isn’t reflective of their actual ball skills in 2K21. Oftentimes, you will run into players with decent overall ratings, in the 90-plus region, that have a low rep and a bad player grade in the community.

Perhaps a change could be made so that a player’s attribute rating is directly related to the amount of work that they put in to improve a particular skill.

For example, if a player makes 500 three-pointers in the Neighborhood, their rating for that category goes up by a certain amount of attribute points. Or, if they are able to maintain a 35 to 40 percent conversion rate from behind the arc, they are able to equip certain shooting badges at the Gold or Hall of Fame level.

Such a system could make the game more realistic as, in real-life basketball, athletes get better by working on their skills and cannot buy their way to becoming a better player overnight. Perhaps this could be something that incentivizes players to invest time into skills that they want to excel at and fit into their playstyle.

As mentioned above, the pie-chart MyPlayer builder system is somewhat restrictive in that regard. With a system like this in place, where players earn their skills, there could be more freedom for builds to expand beyond their key strengths. For example, a paint beast or a slasher can also have the ability to shoot really well from beyond the arc if they’re willing to put in the work – instead of being capped out by the pie-chart that they choos

Keep MyTEAM Ticking

NBA 2K21 has had mixed reviews from fans, but one mode which has been largely successful is MyTEAM.

The Ultimate Team style mode has been successful once again this year, with the induction of a couple of new modes - including the Weekend League-esque Limited - keeping fans on their toes.

There is still an issue with the pay to win aspect of the game - more on that later - but for the most part, 2K should be looking to keep MyTEAM ticking along in a similar fashion.

Less Focus on VC

Now this one is the most optimistic wish on our list, but we'd love to see 2K take a step back from VC for a year.

It's not something that we anticipate will happen, after all, the purchasing of VC makes 2K Sports a LOT of money, but it's something that us casual users can wish for, right?

Those who don't want to plunge their hard earned cash in the game quickly find themselves left behind, whether that's in MyTEAM or on the Park with a severely depleted player.

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