How cosplayers live as much as the conference
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How cosplayers live as much as the conference

Posted By CCosgames CCosgames     Aug 24    


The video affectively voices how cosplayers live as much as the conference second to supply the quality performance they could. Another full-size passage is: "While the sector is spinning / It's a present day starting / I'm here sooner or later winning."  Cosplay Costume

Read in the context of cosplay, the closing sentence articulates the subcultural factors of cosplay and focalizes the participant as someone who eventually makes a difference: a winner rather than an underdog. Scarlet Witch Costume  
Other CMVs, together with "Born This Way" with the aid of Marieke Versonnen (2012), highlight similar issues of self-empowerment and stardom which might be achieved thru non-public battle.