A4 Sublimation Paper Storage Method

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A4 Sublimation Paper Storage Method

Posted By run Hydrotech     August 26, 2021    


Generally speaking, when the quantity of sublimation paper wholesale is larger, the unit price will naturally be lower. Many merchants will wholesale more in order to save costs or avoid insufficient use. But the wholesale paper cannot be used immediately, so it needs to be stored. But if the storage method is not correct, it will affect the quality and normal use of the paper. So how should digital thermal transfer paper wholesale store digital thermal transfer paper?

  1. Do not store in the open air, avoid rain, and try to use wooden boards to elevate the paper, so as not to affect the paper due to moisture on the ground.
  2. Humidity in the air has a great influence on paper. Paper can easily absorb or lose moisture, which will seriously affect its quality. So be sure to store the digital heat transfer paper in a clean and dry environment, and do not stack it close to the wall.
  3. The paper must be stored away from direct sunlight, because it will fade and become yellow after exposure to sunlight, and thus cannot be used. In addition, the exposed paper will evaporate the moisture, and the moisture content will change, causing the paper to become brittle or deformed.
  4. The stacking height of A4 sublimation paper should be appropriate. If it is too high, it will crush the lower layer of paper, and even cause the paper to accidentally fall down and break.
  5. Pay attention to the temperature of the storage environment. When the temperature is too high, the strength of the paper will decrease, so the temperature of the storage environment is also critical.