Benefits Of Powder Coating Fireplace Doors

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Benefits Of Powder Coating Fireplace Doors

Posted By Rusty Lions     August 28, 2021    


Your fireplace door can be finished in a variety of ways. Recent technological advancements have resulted in new finishing processes that greatly improve the overall performance and durability of fireplace doors. One such innovation is the Powder Coat finish. It is a high-quality finish that employs electricity to strengthen the painting process.

Powder coating is actually available in a variety of pigments (colors) that are appropriate for a traditional fireplace. Darker pigments are more prone to fade when used on an outdoor fireplace, so use a lighter pigment on any items you want to use outside.

Finely ground pigment and resin particles are introduced to an electrostatic charge before the finish is applied to the door. The product will be electrically ground, so the charged particles will adhere to it. The mixture is then applied onto the fireplace door and then heated in a curing oven to allow the coating to be smoothed out on the window. The result is an attractive, comprehensive, durable, & high-quality finish.

The Powder Coat finish is more resilient than any other finish. It is resistant to chipping, scratching, and rust. This finish doesn't contain any solvents, which makes it one of the most environmentally friendly finishes out on the market today. The Powder Coat finish has the ability to significantly increase fireplace doors' quality, protecting your investment for years to come.

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