Seersucker Fabric Supplier Introduces The Advantages Of Embossing Process

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Seersucker Fabric Supplier Introduces The Advantages Of Embossing Process

Posted By haiwei home     September 2, 2021    


Fabric embossing is a common fabric processing technology, which is generally seen on various pillows and curtains, and it is also used in some clothing. Compared with the printing process, the fabric embossing process can create a more three-dimensional effect, and there is no need to worry about fading and other issues. It is a fabric processing method with a better decorative effect. Below, Seersucker Fabric Supplier introduces the characteristics of the fabric embossing process.

Cloth embossing is a process in which a pair of molds with a certain depth of pattern press the fabric at a certain temperature so that the fabric produces a three-dimensional effect with embossed style and a 3D embossed pattern with a special gloss effect. Simply put, it is a finishing process that uses mechanical external force to produce a 3D three-dimensional pattern effect on the cloth surface. The fabric treated in this way has a 3D effect on the surface.

Features of fabric embossing: The embossed surface is soft to the touch, and the surface is bright, and the three-dimensional effect of convex and concave surfaces can be produced by molding.

The stamp press is specially designed for leather, polar fleece, knitted sweaters, bath towels, footpads, and other products to shape and hard press. It has an excellent concave-convex effect.

Epoxy has a strong visual three-dimensional effect, good hand feel, diverse colors, environmentally friendly materials, and rich three-dimensional effects. It is a new type of clothing coloring process that has been recognized by various clothing companies in recent years.

Through the above introduction, Printed Seersucker Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.