Cosmetic Dentistry; Why Should You Prefer This Method?
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    • Last updated September 3, 2021
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Cosmetic Dentistry; Why Should You Prefer This Method?

Posted By Calvin  Neal     September 3, 2021    


Teeth Veneers, an effective dental treatment, are used to treat a wide range of oral cosmetic issues such as chipped, broken, discolored, or smaller-than-average teeth.


People may be recommended to get one veneer if they have a broken or chipped tooth. But some people are suggested to have six to eight veneers in order to get an even smile that is symmetrical corrected. Usually, Veneers Near Me is applied on the top front eight teeth.




What are the different types?


Dental veneers’ three most popular types are ceramic veneers, resin-based composite veneers, and Empress Veneers. Dental veneers have a highly popular method of cosmetic dentistry.


Ceramic veneers: They are produced with resin-based composite ceramic, molded into extremely thin coverings, and applied over the front tooth. It might be possible, you will feel slight discomfort as they can be bulky and very unnatural, compared to the adjacent teeth. To avoid such a situation, the dentist eliminates the thin layer of tooth structure from the front side of the tooth to accommodate the extra ceramic layer.






When the tooth is ready to get the application of dental veneers, the Best Dentist For Veneers will take an impression of it so that you can get an actual shaped tooth resembling the appearance of the existing natural teeth. The Dentist For Veneers will also help to get you the exact tooth color shade so that it can be perfectly blended with the others. Once the veneer is ready, you will have to visit the dentist’s office to get the veneer teeth, if your doctor thinks that you need some adjustments to make, he/she will do that. Finally, the dentist will place veneers over the tooth and if you feel any discomfort after the treatment, you can visit your dentist for further adjustments, if required. This method of cosmetic dentistry Houston is a perfect option for people for whom physical appearance matters the most.





Resin-based composite veneers:


The process of getting them is much simpler than laboratory fabricated veneer and maybe you won’t get the best esthetic and functional results. The whole process can be completed in a single dentist visit. The process is quite similar, the dentist first prepares the tooth by cleaning. Then he/she reshapes the tooth if it is necessary. Veneers are produced using a composite material that exactly matches the shade and structure of the existing natural tooth.  The dentists then fabricate and attach the veneers. Lastly, he/she will use a light to form a solid composite. After that, he/she polishes the tooth to offer a smooth natural look.  




Empress Veneers:


These types of veneers are the most effective and popular. They bestow the best fitting matching exactly the natural teeth. That’s why it is considered the better choice compared to other types.  They are the best alternative for orthodontics as they effectively offer to whiten teeth. Moreover, they can help close wide gaps and give you a flawless smile.


The types of veneers not only offer the optimum aesthetics but durability also. Due to the successful effective results, over twenty-five million people from all over the world have benefitted from this option.   


Moreover, they don’t cause any issues with the gums or surrounding teeth rather offer a very natural white look without any staining. Therefore, empress veneers are the perfect solution for stained and chipped teeth to get the best possible smile.


One essential thing to consider in your mind while getting Veneers Dentist is that you won’t have any kind of oral problems like tooth decay or periodontal disease, if it is so, your dentist, first cure or treat that issue, then recommend dental veneers treatment. However, veneers require less elimination of tooth enamel compared to dental crowns.


The veneers can offer you the best results for about ten to fifteen years, but if you don’t clench, chew on hard objects, or bite fingernails. Also, maintain oral hygiene rules to maintain the life of veneers.



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