Stay Watchful of the Vitamins that You Intake
    • Last updated September 3, 2021
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Stay Watchful of the Vitamins that You Intake

Posted By safrel safrel     September 3, 2021    


For ages, we have heard that vitamins are necessary for one’s good health. That is why most fitness freaks are constantly in awe of nutrient-rich diets to provide optimum nourishment to the body. However, it is not feasible to consume a proper diet all the time due to hectic lifestyles.

On the other hand, vitamin deficiencies can lead to specific health ailments in the body. Hence, a good solution is to incorporate the use of vitamin supplements in your daily diet regime. Most importantly, stay watchful while purchasing the same as many of them might contain harmful additives too.

Do vitamins contain artificial colors or dyes?

 A majority of vitamins, especially the B vitamins, contain artificial colors or dyes. The artificial food colorings include FD&C Blue No. 1, Blue No. 2, Green No. 3, Red No. 3, Red No. 40, Yellow No. 5, and Yellow No. 6. All of these are approved by the FDA.

Why do vitamins have dyes?

The primary purpose behind infusing dyes in the vitamins is to balance the color loss. Usually, it happens due to excess exposure to air, light, extreme temperature, storage surroundings, and moisture. In particular, the vitamins contain artificial dyes to rectify the natural discrepancies in the supplements’ color. Moreover, it also enriches the colors that arise naturally. Precisely, the vitamin pills comprise artificial coloring to provide a dash of tint to colorless edibles.

Are artificial food dyes safe?

At times, you must have seen that vitamin pills have an attractive coloring such as tints of red. This coloring is a result of the inclusion of artificial dyes in the composition of the vitamins. Nevertheless, artificial dyes are not much safe and can lead to certain side effects in the body. Hence, one must opt only for the Dye Free Tylenol to provide essential nutrients to the body without any harm.

What are private label vitamins?

The private label vitamins are mainly manufactured by third parties but are sold under the retailer's brand name. Furthermore, the retailer must specify all the ingredients present in the composition of the supplements.

In addition, the retailer also lists out the packaging process of the product. Usually, the private label supplement makers partner with entrepreneurs who curate their top-notch nutrient-rich supplements.

Out of all the B vitamins, which one is most vital for the body?

Though our body requires all the vitamins, B12 is the most important one. Precisely, vitamin b12 or cobalamin aids in neurological functioning. Apart from that, it enhances the process of DNA production along with the development of red blood cells. Ideally, you can consume Vitamin C With Rose Hips tablet once a day to keep your body flawlessly healthy.


After going through the information above, you will know the types of vitamin supplements that exist in the market. Stick to the organic ones and not avoid the use of vitamins that have artificial colorings. Check the ingredient list of the vitamin supplements carefully.

 Most importantly, do not forget to include vitamin B12 in your daily diet regime as it helps keep the blood and never cells of the body healthy. Last but not least, it plays a key role in preventing megaloblastic anemia. Therefore, consume vitamin B12 daily to stay energetic and focused all day long.