Part of the reason why we have here today
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Part of the reason why we have here today

Posted By MMOexp shop     September 24, 2019    


Thank you for of the work. You're part of the reason why we have here today. Without you and all the Classic Cast team and also the Nost team and the rest of the Classic community we would not be here now with wow classic gold. Thank you for ensuring the Classic pandemic will get plenty of people"sick" from work around the 28 of August.So instead of sharding, Blizzard is implementing something called"Layering." Rather than having everybody evaporating around you and sharding based on zone changes, the whole continent will essentially be a coating (or shard), also there'll be multiple layers per kingdom at any certain time.

This permits the kingdom to hold than the limit that is old 3,000, but may possibly allow for 6,000, 9,000+ realm pops. If you are on a layer you will understand all those 3,000 players constantly plus they won't stage away from you, however if you logout and log back in there's a good chance you won't even be assigned that preceding layer so you are going to see 3,000 fresh players.Unfortunately the layers are assigned randomly upon log-in, and if you want to play on the exact same coating for a friend or somebody, you want to invite them to a party and they'll stage into your coating.

One streamer stated they requested a dev:"Imagine if my guild on Alliance would like to replicate the opposing Horde guild in their realm since they're on their way to BRS?" The dev replied with:"Unfortunately there is a chance you will not see them because they'll be to a different layer than you." They guaranteed that layering will be 100% gone before Stage 2 starts, but what is your take on this? I understand sharding/layering is probably essential to at least have WoW Classic in a working state upon launch but in addition, it seems like it's already pissing a lot of people off. Not my words, from a warcraft forum.

I truly hate that idea with gold in wow classic. I think that the huge part of vanilla has been the community. You knew specific players on your own server bc they had the hand of rag or they were really well geared or they were famous for another reason. You PvPed against precisely the members of the other faction and tried to beat each other. I think layering and/or sharding will kill that feeling of community and it is not gonna become a multiplayer match. It is gonna be like WoW Classic where you play on your own and set from necessity. You can also be a dick bc no one understands you and is log out and log back into a new layer.