Why is colour important in marketing?
    • Last updated September 8, 2021
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Why is colour important in marketing?

Posted By oliverjames oliverjames     September 8, 2021    


Colours influence our emotions, reactions and impressions. Each colour stimulates the brain in its own way and has a particular effect on consumers. Colour psychology is the study that deals with colours and their impact on human behaviour. We are all subconsciously influenced by colours when buying different products.


Colour psychology showed that colour could influence human behaviour, affect our perception and enhance effectiveness. 90% of a customer's product judgement is based on the product’s colour.  A study has shown that purchasing intent of customers is greatly affected by the brand colour because the colour speaks for the brand's identity and personality. Some other studies have shown that the human brain prefers recognisable brands, making the brand colour all the more critical. Hence, colour is so important in marketing.


Different colours have different meanings, such as:

  • Blue

Blue is seen as an optimistic colour that invokes trust, security and responsibility.


  • White

It is very enticing to the eye. It represents purity and cleanliness.


  • Black

Black promotes a serious classic look. It works well with expensive products.


  • Red

Red is a powerful colour associated with energy, aggressiveness and provocativeness. It gives your brand that passionate and energetic look.


  • Yellow

Yellow is captivating as well as motivating. It grabs attention.


  • Purple

Purple symbolises royalty, exclusivity and sophistication, making it perfect for selling expensive jewellery.


  • Green

Green has a calm feeling to it.


  • Pink

Pink has an exciting feeling to it, and its lighter shades are romantic.


  • Orange

Orange is effective with children because it is cheerful, friendly and fun.


What to consider when choosing colours

  1. Appropriateness

Your colour of choice must convey the right message that your brand and product is about. The message should match an appropriate colour shade.


  1. Target market

Consider your target market. For instance, orange is a cheerful colour that is effective with children. So if your target market is kids, this will be a good colour.


  1. Consistency

Consistency in the colour scheme helps strengthen the brand identity in the market. It also helps the brand to stand out from its competitors in the industry. Consistency always gains trust, loyalty and familiarity with customers.


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