University roommates\/dorm mates - how to avoid problems?

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University roommates/dorm mates - how to avoid problems?

Posted By Amanda Andrew     September 15, 2021    


  1. Homework

There are several ways to deal with this problem, but it's important that it's addressed from day one of living together. Will you set a cleaning schedule or pay someone to take care of it? Or will you just let the apartment sit in the dirt until one of the mothers comes to clean it? As always, clear and detailed information from the beginning is the best way to avoid surprises. What does it mean for everyone to clean the kitchen, and does that include throwing away trash or not? Clarify these little points with your co-workers, and it might be interesting: Hire a cleaner. There are now plenty of different services with all kinds of services : from  essay writing service to cleaning services.

  1. Guests

Are you going to allow people to come into your apartment? Under what conditions and with what exceptions? Avoid having "extra" roommates at the university.  Yes, we're mostly talking about the bride and groom. Well, and of course about the company of friends. If you're good at connecting with people, you can use this for or doing various university, and even more so team assignments.

  1. Bills

Bills due and common products (salt, toilet paper, soap...) are often a major concern. We recommend that bills and receipts are always in plain sight and that co-workers pay their share right away.

  1. Study and household habits

Some people are more introverted than others, and not everyone needs the same amount of time to devote to themselves, so it's important to respect each other's personal space at home.  Getting to know each other gradually will help you establish consistent rhythms. You can also get in the habit of doing things together Establish your routines and discuss for example, when do you usually shower? In the morning, as do all your roommates. You could then make a schedule of turns.

  1. Sides

Parties are not enjoyed by all roommates. This has to do with noise, dirt, and other possible disturbances. Before organizing a party, ask and tell your roommates about your intentions, invite them to join the party and take responsibility for keeping the party clean and organized.

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