Aluminium stage truss: the difference between screw frame and pin frame

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Aluminium stage truss: the difference between screw frame and pin frame

Posted By Zhan Shi     September 16, 2021    


Aluminium stage truss: the difference between screw frame and pin frame

Aluminium stage truss, is a common equipment for daily building stage lighting rack, is also people's "general name" of the lighting rack. However, aluminium stage truss is also divided into different types, such as screw frame, pin frame, etc., such as Hefei decorative metal products main sales of aluminum alloy lighting frame is aluminum screw frame.

As for the difference between the two kinds of lighting frame, Shizhan Group, this briefly.

First of all, to make it clear that, regardless of the kind of light frame, is the screw frame or pin frame, only refers to the interface type is different, and the two kinds of light frame material, process, specifications are no difference. Usually, the sale of screw frame lighting rack manufacturers, can also produce pin frame, depending on what the customer's needs are.

Cost aspect

The price of a pin truss with the same specification and material is generally higher than that of a screw truss. The pin truss is welded on by independent sleeve, and there is no room for the slightest error. Therefore, it requires higher technology requirements and more processing procedures, so the cost is naturally higher. The screw light frame has a simpler process, so the cost is lower.


Pin frame, general disassembly and installation of an interface only takes about ten seconds, while the screw frame requires loose screw, especially the aluminum plate interface, more screws, so the installation takes longer time. If it is a big project, the time cost will be greatly increased, but the electric wrench can make up for this shortcoming very well.

Load-bearing aspect

After testing, there is no difference in the load capacity of the two interfaces with the same specification and the same material, and the span load is actually the same, only the interfaces are different.

Aesthetic aspect

Aluminum alloy trusses are silvery white in color and have a very good appearance.

It is easy to see that the two types of lighting trusses are evenly divided, so you only have to decide which one to choose by integrating your own budget and usage.