Hose Fittings Wholesalers Introduces The Use Of Waterproof Fittings

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Hose Fittings Wholesalers Introduces The Use Of Waterproof Fittings

Posted By cnshunda yuyao     Sep 23    


Waterproof joints are mainly used in some environments that require water. Connection joints that can provide a certain type of safety measures are mainly used in lights, seaside stalls, sprinklers, industrial equipment, etc., in order to prevent water Enter the conductive cable to destroy the use of the entire line. Although there are many such connection devices on the market, it really does

There are still relatively few waterproof joints with a completely sealed effect. This is also a good direction for our research and development. Hose Fittings Wholesalers introduced that there are two main materials for waterproof joints, one is stainless steel waterproof joint, and the other is nylon waterproof joint.

First of all, nylon pipe fittings are currently acceptable. The pipe sleeve made of nylon material can be used to prevent leakage, and can be adapted to water contact for a long time. You can rest assured in the process of electrification. use. Of course, it will not cause any essential pollution when it is discarded.

In the ambient temperature we are in contact with, the acceptable temperature of the environment is between -40°C and 135°C. During this temperature change, no deformation will occur. The general service life can be more than 50 years. No frequent replacement is required.