What to do about Foot And Heel Pain When Stuck At Home
    • Last updated September 26, 2021
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What to do about Foot And Heel Pain When Stuck At Home

Posted By suncoastpodiatry suncoastpodiatry     September 26, 2021    


Heel pain can be incredibly frustrating. On some days, it’s bearable while there might be some doomed mornings when it feels like someone is poking a sharp object in your foot. Well, you are not alone to experience this. Studies revealed that 48% of Australians wake up with heel pain problemsThe good news is heel pain can be managed at home. If you are stuck at home and can’t see a podiatrist right away, you can get some valuable strategies from this post. If you know what causes the discomfort, you can easily find an effective at-home foot pain treatment.


What are the most common reasons for heel and foot pain?


The discomfort behind the heel or at the bottom of the foot can occur due to many underlying conditions such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles, Sever’s disease, bursitis, heel spurs, or inflamed tendons. When someone jumps a lot, for instance, uses a treadmill or exercises on a hard surface, they tend to develop the painful condition, plantar fasciitis. It is one of the most leading conditions causing Australians to search for effective sore feet treatment.

Apart from this, sometimes stepping on a sharp object can also cause bruises in the fat underneath the heel causing soreness and discomfort. If you experience any swelling or stiffness behind the heel, you may be developing the painful symptoms of Achilles, bursitis or Sever’s disease. Basketball players are more prone to Achilles whereas kids are most likely to see a foot doctor due to Sever’s disease.


To find the exact reason for your discomfort, it is always recommended to get it diagnosed by professionals. If the appointment with the podiatrist is not available at the moment, you can soothe the heel and foot pain with some simple tips and remedies. Try the solutions mentioned in the next section until you feel better and are able to book a session with a trusted podiatrist in the Sunshine Coast or Noosaville.


How to treat foot and heel pain at home?

Don’t wait till you get your appointment confirmed with podiatry in Noosa; you can start pampering your feet right away. With a little care, your heels will start to feel better in no time. Make a checklist and follow the steps discussed below to ensure that you are doing every possible bit to keep the heel pain at bay:


  • Avoid walking barefoot

Walking barefoot worsens the problem. The idea is to keep weight off of the foot, so if you are stuck at home then resist the urge of going barefoot. You are increasing the risk of developing plantar fasciitis if you walk barefoot. Those who are already experiencing the symptoms should take extra care while walking on uneven surfaces.

  • Invest in supportive footwear

Consider purchasing supportive footwear that is uniquely designed to raise the heel and support the arch. Wearing supportive shoes makes a world of differences for those who are looking for simple sore heel treatment.

  • Exercise your feet

Find a podiatrist in Noosaville or the Sunshine Coast that offers online or telephonic consultations. They can assess your problem and suggest  some good exercises. For instance, flexing and stretching are usually recommended for sore heels and feet.  You’ll feel better when you stretch the calf muscles a few times a day.

  • Try a soothing massage

Those with irritated heels, can try the simple solution of gently massaging the affected area. All you need is a tennis ball. Simply place it on the ground and roll it over with your foot. Apply enough pressure to get the massaging effects and you will experience improvement in the soreness.

  • Strapping for heel pain

Strapping the heel for pain and soreness is the most common yet effective at-home remedy. Keep in mind, you will need the brown rigid strapping tape specially designed for heel soreness because K-tapes won’t work here. So make sure you follow the instructions of strapping carefully and using the right tape to make the most out of it.

  • Pain relief gels

You can also try some pain relief gels like Nurofen or Voltaren to soothe the inflammation or swelling from the comfort of your home. Gently massaging the gel can offer a temporary relief until your next appointment with the podiatrist.  


Foot and heel discomfort is pretty common with both adults and children. Try the simple at-home solutions for mild cases. If the pain persists, the reason behind your pain is likely to be more serious. It is advised to book an appointment with a podiatrist as soon as possible. Suncoast Podiatry is a great place to arrange an initial consultation. They are specialists of heel pain problems and Nail Fungus Laser Treatment in the Sunshine Coast. Visit the link given below to book an appointment.