WOW Classic Season of Mastery: If you want new experience, don't miss it

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WOW Classic Season of Mastery: If you want new experience, don't miss it

Posted By Millson Adam     October 2, 2021    


Today, Blizzard, the developer of World of Warcraft Classic, claimed that in order to improve the game experience of WOW Classic players, they will improve the content of Classic Server. This makes those long-awaited players feel very excited, they have been waiting for Blizzard one day to Buy TBC Classic Gold launch a fresh Classic era server, because the content of World of Warcraft Classic has ended, it is very boring to continue playing in the Classic server.

Called the planet of Warcraft Classic Season of Mastery, the new servers will look to recreate the WoW Classic experience but with some changes, including buffed bosses, no world buffs in raids, faster leveling, and summoning stones.

Additionally, Blizzard said during a post today that it's looking to regulate the discharge of content for the experience to possess its six-phase timeline complete in 12 months.

That's right. Blizzard is making the content hard and it's making it pass faster still. World of Warcraft Classic was originally released at the tip of August 2019 and TBC Classic began in June 2021.

Blizzard said quality-of-life improvements like faster leveling, summoning stones, and increased resource nodes within the open world are being added to combat any negative side effects of this faster Classic timeline.

The Season of Mastery doesn't yet have any officially launch date, but the developer will begin an open beta for players beginning next Tuesday, Oct. 5.

In fact, although the development team of World of Warcraft Classic did not provide a possible update time at the TBC Classic Gold time, the company has already released a message indicating that it will provide WOW Classic players with an updated, harder and faster game experience, especially those who don’t want to join TBC.

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