Cute fun brain training puzzle game

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Cute fun brain training puzzle game

Posted By willis valenzuela     October 6, 2021    


Have a fun day!
If you like to play brain training games. This is the right game for you. With fun graphics and sounds this is the most loved Puzzle Game. Let's experience this lovely and fun game right now
Puzzle games always give children a feeling of joy and positivity. One of the most popular puzzle games is 2048. I would like to introduce to you a special version of this game genre. it's very cute and funny.

2048 cupcakes is a single player puzzle game with cupcakes which makes 2048 game more fun and challenging. The goal of the game is to slide numbered cupcakes onto a grid to merge them together to form a new cupcake that can eventually reach 2048 or white chocolate mints . However, we also added two more cupcakes in case you want to keep playing.