Instructions for Patients About The Laser Spider Vein Treatment!

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Instructions for Patients About The Laser Spider Vein Treatment!

Posted By George Burke     October 9, 2021    


While opting for the laser spider vein treatment is becoming more amazing and interesting. As the patients want to get rid of it and are looking for the top vein clinic NJ. The center where the patient is acknowledged with the pre-care and post-care instructions before the vein treatment near me


So without wasting much time let’s know about the guidance given by the vein specialist NJ for the patients. 


Pre Treatment Directions For Spider Vein Treatment 

Given below are some points which must be noticed by the patients before opting for the spider vein treatment. 

  • The patient is not required to take the drugs like aspirin and other blood-thinning ( like Ginkgo Biloba, vitamin E), ibuprofen, or other non-steroidal inflammatory drugs.  You are not supposed to take this 1 week before the treatment and 1 week after the treatment as it would lead to an increase in hurting and bleeding. 

  •  The vein doctor NJ recommended not to drink alcoholic beverages and smoke for 2 days before and after the treatment. This is because the alcohol will thin blood and smoking will lead to impairs or slow bleeding. 
  • One should not put any types of moisturizers, cream, oil, or self-tanners on your legs the night before or the day of your treatment.

  • If one is having a fever or any type of mental disorder then he/she would need to reschedule the appointment. 

  • Additionally, the patient should have a snack or light meal at least 1.5 hours before your appointment. 

  • Also, it is suggested by the doctors not to fly till 48hrs after the reticular veins treatment. 


Post Treatment Directions For Spider Vein Treatment 

After knowing the pre-treatment instructions. Now let’s discuss the post-treatment instructions for spider vein treatment near me

  • The suggested way is to apply the Cold (not frozen) packs promptly after treatment to cool the area of the treatment. And it will lessen swelling and ease discomfort. Cold packs that consist of chemicals are not allowed to be used if they are below 4 degrees Celsius temperature. 

  • Patients should need to protect the treated area from the sunlight for at least one entire month. Tanning after the treatment meetings will expand melanin recovery, which might bring about hyperpigmentation.

  • Frozen 4 x 4 dressing pads, previously soaked with water and injected into small plastic bags can be used.

  • Female patients may put on makeup after the treatment. However, the vein doctor near me suggests discontinuing if the treatment area site scales. At this period the skin is sensitive and removing makeup, especially if it is hard to remove, will lead to damage to the skin and also create several infections. 
  • To prevent the treatment from the trauma one should need to take care of the area for the first four or five days following treatment: no hot bath, no aerobic exercise, massage, etc.

Hence, the above-mentioned points are the ones that every patient needs to follow for the best and effective results from the treatment. The vein clinic NJ provides this complete guide to their patients. 

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