Shenmue receives an anime

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Shenmue receives an anime

Posted By Justice Little     October 9, 2021    


Many popular video game rows have been given an anime lately. For example, there is already an animated series to Castlevania and Dota, an animated film about The Witcher, and also Splinter Cell, League of Legends, and - again - The Witcher will soon receive a new anime series.

The latest game, which relies here, is Shenmue. The game series focuses mainly on his characters and action, which is why an anime could be pretty good for this. Additionally ended Shenmue 3 (buy now € 9.99 / € 16.99) With a cliff hanger, although players had to wait for this sequel for 18 years. Fans of the Shenmue series are likely to be definitely happy about an anime adaptation.

The anime is produced by the Anime platform Crunchyroll, which now belongs to Sony, and Adult Swim. The creator of the Shenmue series, Yu Suzuki, will act as executive producer and Chikara Sakurai, known, among other things, by the second season of One Punch Man, works as a director. The anime should have 13 episodes, which will probably not be too much for the Shenmue series.

To judge the first trailer, the anime will turn around the brutal events of the Shenmue Universe. So there are quite many figures be beaten.

The Shenmue anime has no accurate release date yet, but this should appear sometime in 2022.

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